Bradmoor Woods | Norfolk Wedding Photographer


24th July 2017


You know when you turn up to look around a venue and the bride says "Gina, where will we put the horse?" it's going to be a good wedding... 

I had the pleasure of visiting Bradmoor Woods, Kings Lynn, Norfolk today. Some of you may remember I was super excited about a booking I took where there would be a rodeo bull, a real life horse, a campfire and loooaaaddds of fairy lights - well this is it. 


Ok, so the weather wasn't brilliant, but that didn't detract at all from the sheer amazingness of Bradmoor Woods. Upturned boats, old silos used as accommodation, mismatched doors up-cycled into a toilet 'block' and old railway carriages converted into bedrooms - complete with beds made from snooker tables!


I didn't think I could be more excited about this wedding, but I really am. Bales of straw will make up the seats for the outdoor ceremony, sparklers, hog roast, oh, and did I mention the horse?!? Roll on September!

One good thing about the weather today though; frogs love rain.