Chocolate party! | Stamford Weding Photographer


Having four children means we occasionally have chocolate in the house... with it being Easter, and the kids being away at the weekend we thought we'd have a bit of a chocolate party. A good friend of ours happened to have a fondue, so we persuaded him to bring it round so we could make sure the sugary goodness got straight into the bloodstream, no messing around with all that 'having to chew' nonsense.

Looking back on it I took away these points:

  • Melted chocolate is GOOD.
  • Melted chocolate drips everywhere, even onto dogs... (sorry Pete).
  • There is such a thing as TOO much chocolate.
  • Kids prefer the preparation of all of this stuff to actually eating it.
  • Straws make excellent skewers.
  • Slightly melted white chocolate dipped into milk chocolate is GOOD.
  • Hundreds and thousands stay in beards for a really long time.
  • I feel sick.