I'm going to assume that if you're reading this then you are as serious as I am about wedding photography. It's become a real passion of mine. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I really was that kid that was given a camera at an early age and got super excited about creating something with what I had in front of me. I used to bug my parents and grandparents to develop the film I'd spent hours meticulously using up - granted, most of the pictures were of my feet, or had a finger over the lens, but still, I knew I loved it.

Luckily, things have progressed somewhat since then... my passion was reignited when I found out I was expecting my first child back in 2008. I purchased a camera and set to work reminding myself how to use a digital version of the camera my grandfather gave me all those years before. We obviously live in a digital age so I still have the first picture I took with that camera.


Alright, so I'm not going to win any awards for it, but I knew that, once again, I had to take pictures. My daughter was born the following year, followed by my son three years later, and both provided me with plenty of opportunities to feed my passion - along with some other inspiration along the way.

Around when my son was born I launched BGS Photography, this allowed me to take pictures for families in a number of different locations and settings; and I love it! It remains something I love to do, I really enjoy interacting with people, big and small alike! (my partner may say that I am on the same wavelength as the kids, but what does she know...). I have captured countless number of children and families since I started this venture, and have loved every minute of it. 

So then came the next portion of my life. I met an amazing woman, a truly amazing woman who taught me a lot; about life, love, folding fitted sheets, all that jazz. Since then I have had an even greater desire to go out there and capture the loving moments that occur throughout a wedding. 

Excuse the phone pic, but one of the happiest moments of my life!

Excuse the phone pic, but one of the happiest moments of my life!

So that brings us pretty much up to date. That's me. I'll be keeping this blog updated with various things that are going on. I hope to show both the business side, as well as our home life - with four crazy kids that seem to follow us around everywhere.

Hopefully I will get to meet you soon, for a consultation or a pre-wedding shoot, and we can discuss exactly what you want from the pictures of your day. I will of course take the more traditional group shots that people want, but where I shine is the mixture of photojournalism and artistic shots which capture the essence, and love, of your day.