Bradmoor Woods | Norfolk Wedding Photographer


24th July 2017


You know when you turn up to look around a venue and the bride says "Gina, where will we put the horse?" it's going to be a good wedding... 

I had the pleasure of visiting Bradmoor Woods, Kings Lynn, Norfolk today. Some of you may remember I was super excited about a booking I took where there would be a rodeo bull, a real life horse, a campfire and loooaaaddds of fairy lights - well this is it. 


Ok, so the weather wasn't brilliant, but that didn't detract at all from the sheer amazingness of Bradmoor Woods. Upturned boats, old silos used as accommodation, mismatched doors up-cycled into a toilet 'block' and old railway carriages converted into bedrooms - complete with beds made from snooker tables!


I didn't think I could be more excited about this wedding, but I really am. Bales of straw will make up the seats for the outdoor ceremony, sparklers, hog roast, oh, and did I mention the horse?!? Roll on September!

One good thing about the weather today though; frogs love rain.


Ladywood Estate | Rutland Wedding Photography


6th July

As soon as I pulled up at Ladywood Estate I knew I was in for a treat; set in the beautiful Rutland countryside it really does have a fairytale feel to it.

When I arrived they were busy setting up for a Hindu ceremony the following day, I headed over to the Orangery and was blown away. The stunning floor to ceiling windows take over one side of the spacious room and give some really beautiful light. The room holds 400 people, which makes it the go-to venue for large weddings.

Jan and Mike, the owners, manage to blend the antique feel of a manor house with the contemporary look of the Orangery and Pavillion – which also seats 400 guests. There were so many quirky items in the house, and look at that staircase!

The gardens were also something to behold; it’s obvious that great care and attention is taken with the upkeep of them, a variety of beautiful flowers making an excellent backdrop for wedding photos.

There really are some amazing opportunities for stunning wedding photos, inside and out, it’s definitely on my bucket list of venues – although if anyone makes use of the helicopter landing pad I may have to hire a second shooter to go up with you!


Chocolate party! | Stamford Weding Photographer


Having four children means we occasionally have chocolate in the house... with it being Easter, and the kids being away at the weekend we thought we'd have a bit of a chocolate party. A good friend of ours happened to have a fondue, so we persuaded him to bring it round so we could make sure the sugary goodness got straight into the bloodstream, no messing around with all that 'having to chew' nonsense.

Looking back on it I took away these points:

  • Melted chocolate is GOOD.
  • Melted chocolate drips everywhere, even onto dogs... (sorry Pete).
  • There is such a thing as TOO much chocolate.
  • Kids prefer the preparation of all of this stuff to actually eating it.
  • Straws make excellent skewers.
  • Slightly melted white chocolate dipped into milk chocolate is GOOD.
  • Hundreds and thousands stay in beards for a really long time.
  • I feel sick.

Carlby Church | Lincolnshire Weddings

As wedding season hasn't officially began for me yet I decided to go and look at another venue I will be shooting at this year. 

I met the couple at Carlby church so we could have a look around, both in the church and around the grounds. It's always fun meeting up with these guys, they both have such a positive attitude about life - whilst keeping a killer sense of humour. To top it all off they really want me to be as creative as I want on the day - which is really exciting!

The church had some lovely light inside, as well as some really nice features we'll be able to make use of. Outside will also give us plenty of opportunities for some really nice shots - and the bride has assured me that she has ordered the best weather possible for the day, which makes me even more excited for the big day to arrive!

Raising kids

As you may know, myself and my fiancee, Liz, have 4 children, so our house is pretty crazy at times! Finding the balance between work and home life is sometimes reasonably hard, but one of the reasons we started this crazy adventure is to have more quality time with them.

Luckily, they're all great kids, there's honestly not a day that goes by without at least one of them making me laugh. Yesterday, our recently turned four year old asked what 'hypothetical' meant, completely out of nowhere - I don't even know where she heard that, unless Fireman Sam has suddenly been crossed with University Challenge.

Fitting in our schedules around them is sometimes tricky. There's a lot more to running our businesses than taking pictures and applying make-up. There's so much that goes on behind the scenes in order to make things happen, and we love to keep them involved, he didn't offer many opinions on my new website as I was building it, but still, I like to think he was part of the process - and he completed level 7 on Bloo Kid...

Location, Location, Location

So today I decided to venture out and have a look at a few of the amazing venues I am going to be shooting in this year. I wanted to visit this church especially, as I'd not been there previously. The St. Nicholas' Church, Cottesmore, really is stunning! 

I like to visit all of the locations I am shooting weddings at, I always like to be prepared, it gives me a chance to look for any beautiful places we can get some group shots, and I always like to see how the light is in a church. 

I really wasn't disappointed, the church had a really lovely feel to it, and the light was stunning, I'm looking forward to this wedding even more now!



I'm going to assume that if you're reading this then you are as serious as I am about wedding photography. It's become a real passion of mine. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I really was that kid that was given a camera at an early age and got super excited about creating something with what I had in front of me. I used to bug my parents and grandparents to develop the film I'd spent hours meticulously using up - granted, most of the pictures were of my feet, or had a finger over the lens, but still, I knew I loved it.

Luckily, things have progressed somewhat since then... my passion was reignited when I found out I was expecting my first child back in 2008. I purchased a camera and set to work reminding myself how to use a digital version of the camera my grandfather gave me all those years before. We obviously live in a digital age so I still have the first picture I took with that camera.


Alright, so I'm not going to win any awards for it, but I knew that, once again, I had to take pictures. My daughter was born the following year, followed by my son three years later, and both provided me with plenty of opportunities to feed my passion - along with some other inspiration along the way.

Around when my son was born I launched BGS Photography, this allowed me to take pictures for families in a number of different locations and settings; and I love it! It remains something I love to do, I really enjoy interacting with people, big and small alike! (my partner may say that I am on the same wavelength as the kids, but what does she know...). I have captured countless number of children and families since I started this venture, and have loved every minute of it. 

So then came the next portion of my life. I met an amazing woman, a truly amazing woman who taught me a lot; about life, love, folding fitted sheets, all that jazz. Since then I have had an even greater desire to go out there and capture the loving moments that occur throughout a wedding. 

Excuse the phone pic, but one of the happiest moments of my life!

Excuse the phone pic, but one of the happiest moments of my life!

So that brings us pretty much up to date. That's me. I'll be keeping this blog updated with various things that are going on. I hope to show both the business side, as well as our home life - with four crazy kids that seem to follow us around everywhere.

Hopefully I will get to meet you soon, for a consultation or a pre-wedding shoot, and we can discuss exactly what you want from the pictures of your day. I will of course take the more traditional group shots that people want, but where I shine is the mixture of photojournalism and artistic shots which capture the essence, and love, of your day.